About the basketball tournament

About the Northwest Premier Invitational basketball tournament

The Northwest Premier Invitational (NPI) is the top basketball tournament in the northwest during non-NCAA evaluation weekends. There are divisions for 12U-17U teams.

The Northwest Premier Invitational invites elite travel teams to compete during Mother’s Day Weekend. The tournament was created in 2010 to give northwest teams a chance to play against great competition in front of college recruiters at an affordable cost.

Dates, Times and Cost

Friday-Sunday, May 10-12, 2024

Games will not start before 4:00 PM on Friday.

Games will go from Friday through Sunday for all divisions, including 12U-15U. Teams can request no games on Friday or Sunday, but you will not get the full games guaranteed to teams that play all three days.

Teams pay via credit card when they register.

Registration and Rosters

Tournament registration is done through Exposure Basketball and typically opens mid-January.

We need rosters by the Monday before the tournament. If your team is recruitable, it is critical that you get accurate rosters submitted by this date so that college coaches and recruiting services will be able to properly identify your players.

Coaches, if you are coaching more than one team and need to avoid conflicts or you would like to request later start time, you can do this when you register. We want to make this basketball tournament as manageable for you as possible. Keep in mind that we cannot fulfill all requests (we receive nearly 200 requests each year) so priority will be given based on when you register your team. The earlier you register the more likely you are to be accommodated. Also, keep in mind that if you request to have no games on Friday, you may end up with 4 games or more on Saturday.


The NPI is not required to follow the AAU age guidelines so division eligibility is determined by your current age or grade.

12U / 6th Grade

13U / 7th Grade

14U / 8th Grade

15U / 9th Grade

16U / 10th Grade

17U / 11th and 12th Grade – Seniors are eligible to participate.


Rule to be posted shortly. It is important to note that games will be declared a forfeit if a player is discovered playing on more than one team, regardless of division. A player’s “official” team is the first team he plays for in the tournament.

Games, Schedule, and Gyms

The schedule usually comes out the Wednesday prior to the tournament. Gyms will be divided by age for convenience and recruiting.