Club and AAU Basketball Champions

The Northwest Premier Invitational has featured some of the best club and AAU basketball champions from around the northwestern United States. To see a list of previous teams, click here. To see previous players, click here.

The History of NPI AAU Basketball Champions and Championship Teams

2018 NPI Champions

17U – Boise Flite

16U – Select Basketball

15U – Select Basketball

14U – Hoop CWS

13U – Boise Slam

12U – Idaho Prospects

11U – Utah Prospects

2017 NPI Champions

17U – Clutch Players

16U – Select Basketball

15U – Iron Athletics Sixers

14U – Boise Slam

13U – Utah Basketball Club

12U – Boise Slam

11U – The Program

2016 NPI Champions

17U – Hoop Dreams

16U – Maeko

15U – Mountain Stars

14U – Boise Slam

13U – Boise Slam

12U – Flite

11U – Boise Slam

2015 NPI Champions

17U – Hoop Dreams

16U – Maeko

15U – Cache Valley Elite

14U – Club Utah Mountain Stars

13U – Utah Hard Knox

12U – Utah Prospects

11U – UBC Elite

2014 NPI Champions

17U – Utah Basketball Club (formerly Utah Pump N’ Run)

16U – Portland Elite

15U – Up Tempo

14U – Cache Valley Elite

13U – HD-TC Select

2013 NPI Champions

17U – Utah Pump N’ Run

2012 NPI Champions

17U – Idaho Select

2011 NPI Champions

17U – CSI Elite

2010 NPI Champions

17U – Oregon D1 Ambassadors